ili clothing
Our name and logo

‘ili is a Hawaiian word that refers to the skin, the surface, the outer layer of any elements. Think the bark of a tree, the peel of a vegetable or a fruit.

Clothing because we are doing clothes here. 

Inspired by the Polynesian Patutiki art, our logo is a symbol of growth, strength and creation…With right above the complementary sun and moon to remind us of the universal laws of Nature governing everything.

Slow fashion

We take the concept of slow-fashion very seriously here. We take our time to design and develop each new model, for that you can expect about a year of development between each. 

But don’t worry we don’t just drop a model and give up on it while we are working on the second one. No, when we birth a model we are completely in love with it and we are so excited to take it places and see it thrive in as many environments as possible. These stories we are sharing in our collections. 

Different energy. New exclusive colors*. New playground every time. 

*our fabrics are dyed on demand with our own unique Pantone


It was very important for us to design versatile clothes that not only looks good together but also are individually just as good so that they can easily become your wardrobe go-to.

Even though our sets offer various looks and options to play with already, each pieces can be worn separately with other of your favorite fashion items. That’s part of our vision of creating a more sustainable and conscious fashion world.

Non traditional clothes

With ‘ili clothing we get inspired by traditional clothes and world cultures it’s true, however we offers a totally personal and creative interpretation of clothing. We never pretend to make traditional clothes nor even try to. If this is what you are looking for we can only encourage you to support and purchase from local and artisanal craftsmen (and women !).

Local sourcing


Cultivated and woven in Belgium


Woven in Lyon (France)

-GOTS & Oeko Tex-


Made of french beech hood

We have chosen to manufacture our clothes here not only because of their name but because as a French company it makes sense to not only source but also produce locally in order to reduce unnecessary carbon emission.

We are located in Bordeaux so we are able to do all the required trips by train very easily (it takes 2h). Also because being close geographically help us preserve constant face-to-face relationships with the people working with us, and that's important to us. 

This atelier was founded in 2016 by three young entrepreneurs who just like me started from scratch, I mean they didn't have a background in this industry before to start. They got the idea, the drive and learned everything on the way.

And to this day we keep learning, together. 

What matter the most is that we share the same values and demand for quality so they help me professionally ensure we respect those at every stages of the production.


Size chart

Even though we are proud to launch today four different sizing options that we worked on with great care to feel good on you, and fit your body perfectly we are very aware that it’s not enough to be as inclusive as we aim to. But we are committed to expand our sizings option as we grow and will be transparent along the process. In the meantime we would like to thank you for your understanding, patience and support.


We send your order in a 100% compostable mailer. For a biodegradable plant-based packaging solution leaving no toxic residues behind.

  • Breaks down fully within 90 days in a commercial compost and 180 days in a home compost 🪱
  • Features a second adhesive strip so it can be safely reused one more time before returning to the earth 🌍

Features of the model


Crop or full length option

Depending on what feels the most comfortable to you


A flattering front cleavage


A low-cut back neckline


Sleeve just above the elbow

this is very classic design that shapes elegantly your arms. It happens to be very practical for your day to day activities too (cooking, working, massaging...)


Printed logo

Match the color of the Saree from the corresponding collection.


5% elasticity for the perfect smooth stretch

Our shirt fits through the body nicely and stays there even in downward facing dog or crazy handstand/acro session !


2 front pockets

for your small and not that small treasures 🐚


2 back pockets

It's always useful and it shapes our 🍑 nicely !


Elastic waistband

Because we value you breathing freely while being able to move comfortably and look decent with a trouser that stays on your hips, we have made an elastic waistband.

Also because we know that woman's body evolves within a day, month and years, and that we want our pants to come along with you in all those changes in the smoothest way possible.


Wooden button and zip

We love a nice round and soft wooden button that actually slide smoothy in and out.


Ribbing end (GOTS + eoko-tex cotton)

that allow you to easily slide up your trouser when biking, hiking or to get your feet wet !

Our 5 favorite ways to wear the drape lately